Inspired By Denim

A love of leather comes with the job here at Sena, and we believe using the best leather makes a classic piece. And now some of our latest resemble another wardrobe staple: denim. Our soft, tumbled leather is now offered in a timeless, deep blue hue — inspired by blue jeans. Its crossing of utility with … [Read more...]


iOS 8 is Coming: Here’s What to Expect

While the recent WWDC 2014 event didn’t bring news of the rumored iPhone 6 or a smartwatch, it certainly offered no shortage of new product announcements. Most notably was the unveiling of iOS 8, which received a subtle but significant overhaul that may change the way you use your device. According to … [Read more...]


The Office Accessory That Makes You Smarter

Plants should not only be incorporated into your diet, but just being around greenery could be good for the mind as well. In a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, researchers found that office plants helped improve attention and prevented fatigue. In the workspace, we’re surrounded … [Read more...]

fathers day gift ideas

Our Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is nearing and it’s a fun holiday to treat our dads. They’ve taught us valuable lessons, helped us through troubled times, and given us a hard time when we we’ve gotten out of line. Buying a gift for Dad isn’t easy, but he deserves something more special than a tie or a coffee mug. Whether … [Read more...]